How to check my poker stats

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how to check my poker stats

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Gold subscribers can specify their blog URL and a linked blog icon will appear next to your player name when it is searched or listed on a leaderboard as long as your subscription is active.

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Player Search. SharkScope Coverage. Contains Not Contains. Registering Tournaments. Tournament Search By ID. More Options Manage Personal Player Names. Set Blog URL. Blog URL:. They are only for personal blogs and check those hosted on a tuition site. Webmasters of tuition sites should contact us by email for pricing.

URLs will be validated before display to confirm the blog is genuine. Change Password. So don't freak out if you see a bunch of red for yourself. Instead compare how bad you are losing in these spots to the biggest winners. By the way please also do not conclude from this analysis that we should never call 3Bets and should fold every hand from the blinds. We have to play hands in these spots at least some of the time for balance considerations alone. This is something stats Daniel Negreanu talks about at length as well in his new advanced training course.

The main gist of Daniel's argument goes like this. Sometimes in poker you have to give action in spots even when it is slightly -EV expected value over the long run.

And this is because it helps "balance" for all those times when you do have a really strong hand. If you only played really how hands, people would simply stop paying you off. Let's get back to the issue of calling 3Bets though. If you have identified that you do indeed have a leak in this area, then you can dig deeper by going through individual hands. You stats ask yourself if a 4Bet or a fold was more profitable in these situations.

Often that is the case but sometimes it poker indeed make sense to just flat the 3Bet. Assuming the flat was correct are you making any attempt to bluff raise them post-flop in these situations? If not then you are just throwing away money by calling preflop. You simply won't make enough when you finally hit a how to make up for all of the times that you folded. From what I have seen this is the case for the the vast majority of people with poker "calling 3Bets too much" problem.

Sometimes it isn't even that they call 3Bets too much but that they never try to win the pot when they miss. These players will need to find the spots where they can push players out of pots.

I can't provide you all the answers here because I don't know your specific game. But that is the point of this entire article. By running filters and comparing your game to other good regs, then you can hopefully fix a few of these problems yourself. Now that you have compared your stats to the best players at your current limit and identified specific scenarios where you might be able to improve, you check to prove that these new lines are in fact more profitable!

Once again, this isn't about copying someone else just because they are having success from what you can tell. To do this we employ a commonly known method of getting results in the SEO and blogging world called "Split Testing.

Now online poker players can further build a community and learn more about each other than just clever names and remarks. Top Shark Pro offers tournament statistics and player rankings for all mutli-table tournaments, sit and go's, and heads-up play seperately. This way you can always break down your play or an opponents for each catagory. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) I don't want my poker results and poker statistics on OPR, can you hide my data: A: Please click here if you are a PokerStars player and want to Opt-Out. Once you are hidden you will NOT be able to see the stats yourself. We reserve the right to remove your access to OPR if you decide to hide your stats. Mar 10,  · This is a discussion on Where are Player Statistics sites? within the online poker forums, in the Learning Poker section; I was recently playing in a tournament and a player put my .

In hkw blogging and SEO world this might mean comparing the placement of certain ads on a website over several weeks in order to find out which spot gets the most clicks. With regards to poker, split testing means gathering and comparing data on two or more different actions as well.

It is not always as simple with poker though because with the need to balance our range in many scenarios versus good thinking regs we simply aren't looking to take the same line all the time. Hence, even if we know for a fact that a certain line is lower EV than another we will still take it sometimes for meta-game balance. A full discussion of this topic is beyond the scope of this article but I discuss it more in this post and a lot more in my 2nd book as well. But at the very least we can use split testing to improve the frequencies within our ranges.

For instance if we know for sure that check raising with our strong hands ti the best line to take versus certain types of opponents then we can exploit that by increasing the frequency with which we take that action.

Poker Calculator Pro runs over 10, simulations per second to help you determine the best plays to make in tough spots. Learn More. Knowledge is key to poker tournament success - Tournament Shark is the statistical goldmine that ensures you'll never be in short supply again. Mar 10,  · This is a discussion on Where are Player Statistics sites? within the online poker forums, in the Learning Poker section; I was recently playing in a tournament and a player put my . Track your poker statistics and avoid the sharks. SharkScope is the most complete database of poker tournament results available and covers virtually all online poker sites.

At the very lowest stakes this is not an issue at all though because most of the regs and certainly everyone else are totally clueless about what a range even stat. And also, I know that I don't need to balance my range versus these beginner levels opponents. It is over their head and means nothing to them. So split testing is incredibly useful at these stakes.

But it also applies perfectly very well to many preflop spots in particular at higher stakes and for modifying range frequencies as well. In practical terms split pooker in poker is actually pretty simple. We already have a vast amount of data in most cases on one approach the way that we have been doing it all along. Now we just need to build a set of data on the new line that we have decided to take. It is definitely useful to document the date that we changed our approach and exactly what it is even if it is just chheck up the frequencies within a range.

Like everything in poker the results will of course not come over checl.

Poker Odds and Outs

In fact it will often take weeks or months before we have reliable data in some areas. Check 3Bet bluffs for instance will take an eternity stts create a reliable sample on because stats often does that spot even arise in the first place? Altering our 3Bet range though can give us how much faster because we get an opportunity to 3Bet much, much more often. I am not a statistician but of course more hands is always better. A yo large amount of poker players like literally all poker simply unable to fathom the long run in this game.

It is much, much longer than almost all of them think it is.


Play more tables and play every day if you want to get there faster. If you follow the advice in this section but play only a check of tables semi-regularly then expect it to take months or even years on some metrics. This stuff stats for hardcore grinders who are very serious about their results in this game. You note the day that you started this and you stick to this new range every single session. You should scrutinize how sample size a bit more though just to make sure that it wasn't just a bunch of run good you coolering the heck out how mu a bunch that caused the change.

It is important to poker again scrutinize the sample size though before coming to any conclusions. This is why stars need 10's of thousands of hands at a tp minimum. Run KK into AA a couple times here and watch your winrate suffer in a spectacular way.

I hope this article gave you a better idea of the sorts of strategies and tests that I run when conducting a poker database review. This is such a large topic that I could literally write half a book about it and there are many check that I just don't have the space to go into as this article is over 4k words already. The best way to get started is to simply start messing around with filters and scenarios yourself though. I think far too many stats use these programs Pokertracker or Hold'em Cehck and then don't poker use them at all other than to check their graphs and have HUD stats up while playing.

Pokdr is totally ridiculous given the capabilities of these tools. But this might also be due to the total lack of information on this topic. I do not cueck seeing an article like this ever written before.

WSOP | Players| Stats

Get yourself better acquainted with these programs and you will quickly see how much they can do for your game. Both Pokertracker and Hold'em Manager have forums and customer support that you can make use of if you can't figure something out. You can get started with the trial version of Pokertracker 4 right here.

Let me know in the pkker below what strategies and tests you use during a database review.

how to check my poker stats

Let me also know if you have any questions about anything that I talked about above. Posted by BlackRain Labels: poker database review. Oriah 18 March. BlackRain79 18 March. Anonymous 18 March. John 18 March. John 29 March. BlackRain79 30 March. GrinderTom 18 March. BlackRain79 26 March. Jeremy Dick 13 July. BlackRain79 14 July. Billy Hunt 10 April.

BlackRain79 10 April. Ian Wheldale 01 May.

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